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"Love Heals'

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My Story


“The only reason we do not have what we really need or want is 
because we believe we are separate from it”

Born in Australia Lea’s intuitive abilities were apparent as a small child, seeing auras, energy, intuitive abilities, and inner knowing. She was drawn to spiritual and mystical concepts at an early age. 


The first awakening I experienced was when I was 5 years old. We had the luxury of a black and white television, and I was allowed to watch nature shows, Mickey Mouse club and occasional movies. The movie ‘Lost Horizon’ had been released about a group of explorers whose plane crashes in the Himalayas and while hiking up a mountain, they discover a secret mystical city known as Shamballa. This mythical city was an oasis where exotic and lush valleys flourished, the inhabitants remained young and they were very accomplished in the arts, architecture, gardening, and wisdom teachings. Shamballa is said to be the conduit to the crown chakra and an alternative dimension overseen by the Great White Brotherhood, The members of the Brotherhood are known as the ‘Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, the Ascended Masters, or the Hierarchy’.As a timeless reality it lives in our consciousness where overt suffering and limitation are transcended with purity of thought and heart and it remained ingrained as a vision for my life path that travelled with me thereafter.


The first introduction to energetic healing was in my 20’s when I had 2 consecutive operations to remove an ovarian cyst over a period of 9 months. Several months later I found myself in the same situation, chronic abdominal pain, and another cyst. The specialist just repeated: ‘We will pop you in for another op to remove it.’ For some reason this didn’t sit well with me, and I found a naturopath instead who gave me  spiritual healing around birth trauma and homeopathic remedies and within a month the cyst was gone. This inspired me to learn and study alternative therapies, health and healing, travelling to India to know myself and teaching meditation.


I was called to her life’s mission while in India, and guided by an interdimensional light being, to recall starseed memories, where I was initiated into Esoteric and Vedic meditation, vibrational and esoteric principles underlaying health and healing, and restoring original vibrational blueprints to source intelligence. My life’s mission has been trainings of small groups of women and practitioners into awakening of the heart’s intelligence embodying the sacred feminine essence.  It has evolved into hundreds of weekend retreats and sessions for women and practitioners, including trainings in Soul Astrology, Vibrational Bio-Resonance Healing and Relational Counselling.


Mywork resonates as a deeply nourishing felt-sense body-based awareness series of processes and vibrational upgrades that cohere intuitive knowing, insight, clear thinking, calm and expanded mind applications that clear bio-circuits activating dormant DNA.  Awakening is to light up, switch on and come online with authenticity, who you really are. Attunement to source is love. It is love that heals us and moves us to open and soften and results in a sustained unique form of coherence we call alchemy which is grace. Once we centre here everything benefits in wellness, health, relationships, and destiny are enhanced with aliveness, presence and inspiration.

Should you feel resonant with Lea’s work ~ BOOK NOW for a personal reading either in person in Byron Bay or virtually online or Facetime. 


Email: ~ M: 61(0)411529633


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